The score distributor automatically forwards any score data it receives from contest logging software to the following online scoreboards:

Almost all contest logging software supports the capability to periodically post a user's current score data to an online scoreboard throughout a contest. By configuring your software to send score data to the Score Distributor, instead of directly to one of the online scoreboards, you ensure that your score is represented on all scoreboards, not just the one you choose to follow. Select the Instructions tab above to learn how to configure your logging software.


Contesting has traditionally been a very lonely sport. You sit in your shack, make QSOs, and then find out how you did at the end. That requires a lot of self-motivation to keep going, particularly when conditions are poor. By watching an online scoreboard while operating, it gives an idea of how you're doing compared to others.

You don't have to be in contention for a top-ten score to benefit from watching a scoreboard during a contest. Contesters with very simple stations have been motivated by seeing how they're doing against another club member or buddy with a similar station.